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canada-flag01Jeremiah Shea has over seven years experience as the owner of Shea Canadian Immigration Consultancy. Prior to becoming a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Mr. Shea was a Canadian Foreign Service Officer. His experience includes over 15 years as an Immigration Visa Office Manager.

Jeremiah Shea has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Canada’s immigration processes. He is exceptionally well-qualified to provide expert Canadian immigration & Canada visa advice. He will make the best case possible when applying on your behalf for a Canadian visitor visa, study or work permit, or permanent residence in Canada, including family class sponsorship and Express Entry economic submissions.

If you would like Mr. Shea to assess your chances to immigrate to Canada, please go to the Menu section of this site and complete an Assessment Questionnaire. Please upload your résumé / CV with the submission, include your date of birth, and a copy of your spouse’s résumé / CV, if married.  

To ask Mr. Shea a question, please complete the “Have Questions” submission. Please provide details of the purpose of your inquiry, (e.g., what type of Canadian visa you wish to obtain) and brief information concerning your post-secondary education and work/travel history. (Mr. Shea only responds to submissions in English or French.)

Mr. Shea personally reviews all incoming submissions.  If you do not receive a response within seven days he is either unable to assist you, or you do not appear to meet the minimum requirements for the Canadian immigration program you identified.

CANADIAN ECONOMIC IMMIGRATION: Generally, those who wish to settle in Canada permanently as economic immigrants must apply through Canada’s Express Entry system. If you are under 35 years old, have studied and/or worked in Canada legally, and/or have a post-grad degree and professional work experience outside Canada, you have the best chance of making it.


  • To make up for immigration shortfalls due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is significantly increasing its planned immigration intake for 2021-23, with a target of 401,000 permanent residents in 2021, 60% of whom will be economic class.
  • Most of those accepted as Economic migrants are processed via Canada’s online Express Entry system.
  • Those who would like to be considered may apply based on their English/French language skills, post-secondary education and skilled/professional work experience.
  • Jeremiah Shea will prepare your Express Entry online submission entirely on your behalf remotely — no matter where you reside — using Immigration Canada’s online Portal for Authorized Representatives.
  • Once in the Express Entry pool, candidates are issued “Invitations to Apply” (ITAs) for permanent residence based on their Express Entry score. If you have the minimum Express Entry score you should receive an ITA.
  • By the end of 2020 Canada issued a record 107,350 Express Entry ITAs.
  • During the first half of this year, Canada issued close to 89,000 ITAs – way up from the 49,900 and 41,800 issued during the same period in 2020 and 2019 respectively. All draws to date in 2021 have been for members of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC), since most of these candidates already reside in Canada, and will not be affected by the current COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • There were four EE draws in June – two PNP and two CEC.  The cut off score for the CEC draws continued to drop, with the most recent minimum set at 357 points. This is down considerably from the all-program average of 472 during 2020, and a good sign for those planning to enter the EE pool as CEC candidates in 2021.
  • Immigration Canada notes that moving forward it will continue to accept skilled Express Entry applicants outside Canada, i.e. Federal Skilled Workers, and that they will be welcomed to Canada as travel from abroad resumes. 
  • Future EE cut-off scores are impossible to predict. To maximize one’s chances, one should aim for the highest possible Express Entry score – maximizing your personal score – to have the best possible chance of getting an ITA, especially for all program draws.
  • As you will see from the Testimonial page on this website, people who turn to Mr. Shea to do their profile have notably improved their Express Entry chances. It pays to have the professional help of someone like Jeremiah Shea!

People around the world seek assistance with the Canadian immigration process.  However, they often encounter fake visa agents who do not have the training, experience, knowledge or legal authority to properly help them. Fraudsters and scammers charge large sums of money for bogus job offers and dishonest guarantees of visa issuance when issuance of a Canadian visa can never be guaranteed.

As a former Canadian diplomat, Canada Visa Office Manager and now, as a fully licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Jeremiah Shea can be trusted to provide you with the expert advice and guidance you need.  Mr. Shea will make the immigration process less complicated and frustrating by guiding you through each step of the process. Mr. Shea manages his internet business to align with Immigration Canada’s focus on online processing.

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If selected as one of Mr. Shea’s Canadian immigration clients, he can assist you no matter where you live. Working remotely from his office in Canada Mr. Shea can fully represent you by:

  • Developing your application/submission via one-on-one Skype consultations, regular emails, and the exchange of scanned forms and documents;
  • Using Immigration Canada’s online Portal for Authorized Canadian Paid Representatives to complete visitor, student and worker applications as well as Express Entry profiles (including linking to your existing application, if you have already submitted one online and would like Mr. Shea to represent you);
  • Preparing well-thought-out and fully documented family class submissions, in particular, in-Canada spousal sponsorship; and
  • Keeping you fully informed until the Government of Canada has made a final decision on your application (and up-to-date on the impact of COVID-19 on the processing of your application)

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Let Jeremiah Shea use his comprehensive global overseas experience as a former Canada Visa Office Manager and his up-to-date knowledge as a fully licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant to prepare your best possible Canadian visa application.

Jeremiah Shea Specialises in...

  • Building Express Entry online submissions for Canadian Experience Class, Federal Economic and Provincial Nominee applicants
  • Developing Family Class applications for Canadians who wish to sponsor their spouses and immediate family, ensuring that their applications are complete and correct
  • Working with international students in Canada to help them to obtain the appropriate validity Post-Graduate Work Permits and to prepare for the Express Entry process
  • Making online applications for Canadian temporary resident applicants (visitors, students and workers), including extension and restoration of status requests
  • Assisting permanent residents with their applications for Canadian Citizenship
  • Preparing Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur Applications and Business Plans