About Jeremiah J. Shea

As a former Canadian Diplomat and Canada Visa Office Manager, Jeremiah Jeremiah Shea brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to provide outstanding, insightful advice to his clients.

Mr. Shea became a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant in 2013. He has been operating Shea Canadian Immigration Consultancy – a global, web-based immigration service provider – for over eight years.

If you personally seek a Canadian visa to visit, study or work in Canada, or are looking for a Canadian immigration visa to settle permanently in Canada, Jeremiah Shea will make the best possible submission on your behalf.

Mr. Shea’s global experience includes serving as…

  • Immigration Operations Manager, Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo N.Y. (2011-2012)
  • Senior Adviser, International Region, Immigration Canada (2010-11)
  • Immigration Program Manager, responsible for all aspects of Canada’s immigration programs in:
    • Kingston, Jamaica (2007-09)
    • Colombo, Sri Lanka (2005-07)
    • Pretoria, South Africa (2001-05)
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil (1999=2001)
  • Manager, Departmental Planning, Immigration Canada (3 years)
  • Deputy Immigration Program Manager, Canadian High Commission, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Visa Officer (Nairobi, New York City, New Delhi)

This experience, combined with Mr. Shea’s up-to-date training as a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, equips him with a deep and broad understanding of Canadian visa and immigration policies, programs and legislation.

As an overseas Visa Office Manager leading teams of Canadian and locally-engaged Immigration Officers, Mr. Shea’s many responsibilities included providing Immigration Officers with the best possible guidance on how to manage complex Canadian visa/immigration cases and how to assess applications correctly. That experience, combined with his success as a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, enables Mr. Shea to provide top quality service and guidance to his clients, as evidenced by the numerous testimonials from Mr. Shea’s clients found on this site.

Jeremiah Shea holds an Hons. B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto and is fluent in English and French.

Member, Canada’s College of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants

Member, Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants