Excellent advice

My Express Entry process has been a crazy ride. I graduated from a 3 year study program in Canada and my post-graduate work permit was issued in 2012. I applied for Express Entry myself in January 2015. It was rejected. I re-applied and was rejected again. My work permit was winding down and I didn’t know what to do. I remembered Jeremiah speaking at one of the immigration session at my school.

After I entered into a Retainer Agreement with Mr. Shea he provided excellent advice about enrolling back into school while he worked on my Express Entry process. He also recommended I re-write the English language exam. I did, and in February this year I received an Invitation to Apply!

Today I received my passport from Immigration Canada with a letter confirming my permanent resident visa and now I am thrilled. I am going to the border after work today to become landed.

Jerry, I want to say a big thank you. Today is a very big and happy day for me!

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