His expertise in Canadian immigration is unparalled

Eight months after I signed a Retainer Agreement with Jeremiah Shea, I learned that my application for permanent residency was approved, just 4 months after submission of the application.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jeremiah and his work during these months:

  • He is the only consultant that I came across who does not require upfront payment in full for his services; in fact, he breaks his fees down into 3 stages: Express Entry Process Guidance, Express Entry Online Profile Submission, and Express Entry Application for Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • He is a trustworthy person with high professional integrity. He does not provide false hopes or guarantees, and is transparent and honest. I got full value for my payment and Jeremiah provided every service diligently and with full commitment as stated in the agreement.
  • He is as reliable as it gets and I never felt at any point in this journey that I had to deal with any issue related to this process on my own.
  • I’d be hard-pressed to find someone more meticulous, detailed, and caring during the entire process, which entailed filling out enormous amounts of information. His expertise in Canadian immigration is unparalleled.

I’ll highly recommend using Jeremiah Shea’s expertise without any hesitation or reservations.

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