Very responsible and professional

Jeremiah Shea is really a very responsible and professional Canadian immigration consultant. Based on your unique situation, he will make the best plan for you. In my case, after I got my IELTS I tried to apply for Express Entry on my own. As time passed and I did not receive an Invitation to Apply I knew I needed professional help.

When I found Mr. Shea he said he would do his best to help me, but could never guarantee visa issuance.  Mr. Shea enabled me to understand what was required in a very clear and organized way.  He helped me improve my score by 84 points in four months, resulting in an Invitation to Apply!

真的是一个很有责任心,很专业的移民顾问。他会针对每个人的具体情况和条件,给你准备最切合实际的移民方案。他在短短四个月帮我把我的分数从360提高到444 ,使我最终拿到了移民邀请函。

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