What Mr. Shea's Clients Say

We strongly recommend Mr. Shea

Our experience with Jeremiah Shea was fantastic. He guided us through out the permanent residence process, making recommendations on when was the best time to apply. His expertise made us feel confident since he was constantly on top of everything. He was always available and accurate with the information he provided. We obtained permanent residence status in December, 2021 and received our Permanent Resident cards in January 2022! Hiring Jeremiah was the best decision we could have ever made. We strongly recommend Mr. Shea.

Siempre estaremos agradecidos con Jeremiah por habernos ayudado a obtener nuestra residencia permanente. No lo hubiéramos logrado sin su excepcional trabajo.

Andrea and Juan
Express Entry applicants from Mexico

He did a great job with our application

Mr. Shea is a very knowledgeable, courteous, and diligent immigration consultant.  He assisted us in navigating the Express Entry and Permanent Resident application process during COVID-19.  He explained the process, developed an application strategy, and helped us to gather all the information relevant to our application. He responded quickly to any inquiry and regularly apprised us of the status of our application. When changes arose due to COVID-19, he always informed us and provided advice for the path forward.

His knowledge and past work experience allow Mr. Shea to present a client’s best case to Immigration Canada, and he did a great job with our application.  We are now permanent residents of Canada, and we are extremely grateful to Mr. Shea for his hard work on our behalf.


Mariek Schmidt and Brian Scott
Canadian Experience Class from the USA

Extremely patient and professional

We hired Jeremiah Shea as a consultant for spousal sponsorship. Since the very beginning of the process, Mr. Shea was extremely patient and professional. He went above and beyond to make sure everything about the process was in order. We would recommend him to absolutely anyone who wants to make sure everything is done correctly and professionally from the first try.

Dom and Shantelle
Sponsored Spouse from Croatia

Very responsible and professional

Jeremiah Shea is really a very responsible and professional Canadian immigration consultant. Based on your unique situation, he will make the best plan for you. In my case, after I got my IELTS I tried to apply for Express Entry on my own. As time passed and I did not receive an Invitation to Apply I knew I needed professional help.

When I found Mr. Shea he said he would do his best to help me, but could never guarantee visa issuance.  Mr. Shea enabled me to understand what was required in a very clear and organized way.  He helped me improve my score by 84 points in four months, resulting in an Invitation to Apply!

真的是一个很有责任心,很专业的移民顾问。他会针对每个人的具体情况和条件,给你准备最切合实际的移民方案。他在短短四个月帮我把我的分数从360提高到444 ,使我最终拿到了移民邀请函。

Erin from China
Express Entry Applicant

Competent, dedicated and trustworthy Canadian immigration consultant

As the representative for my study permit application, Mr. Shea worked with great care to ensure that my application met the requirements of the New York visa office. He brought his vast experience in Canadian immigration to bear on my case, which facilitated the best possible submission and a favorable outcome for my application. Mr. Shea is highly organized and meticulous. He was very quick to respond to emails and to transmit correspondence from IRCC. I would highly recommend Mr. Shea to anyone seeking a competent, dedicated and trustworthy Canadian immigration consultant.

Chinazom from Nigeria
Applied for a Study Permit from the USA

The best, most reliable Canadian immigration consultant

As an International Student in Canada, I turned to Jeremiah Shea to work with me to obtain my Post-graduate Work Permit and to apply for the Canadian Experience Class under Express Entry. Both applications were a success!

Say goodbye to uncertainty by letting Jeremiah lead and guide you through the process. I can totally recommend him as the best, most reliable Canadian immigration consultant. He is a very knowledgeable, confident, trustworthy and straight-forward person.

Very happy with his commitment and services.

Alejandra from Mexico
International Student in Canada

Great advice and quality work

I retained Mr. Shea’s services three years ago after I saw his presentation at Niagara College Canada. I’m very thankful for all the guidance Mr. Shea provided over the past three years. He was very involved in my application, making sure it was perfect.

I really admire his work ethics and how fast he would reply to my emails and clarify everything in detail. I received an invitation to apply after being in the Express Entry pool for less than a month. I believe this happened so fast because of Mr. Shea’s great advice. I really appreciated how he always called ahead when more information was required from me so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed upon seeing his emails with government letters asking for additional information.

I will always refer Mr. Shea to friends and family because of his exceptional work.

Kristina - International Student in Canada
Canadian Experience Class Applicant

Made everything extremely easy

Jeremiah Shea was fantastic from start to finish. He was easy to get in contact with, and answered any questions I had throughout the permanent resident application process. He checked in all the time to make sure I had everything I needed, and made everything extremely easy. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Bryant Shepherd
Sponsored Spouse from the Bahamas

I highly recommend Mr. Shea

I am extremely happy I chose Jeremiah Shea as my Canadian immigration consultant. He is very knowledgeable, professional, committed and reliable. Mr. Shea ensured I was able to move quickly and correctly in response to Immigration Canada requests. He takes your case very seriously and keeps you posted on how the process is going.

I received my Permanent Residence within 8 months. I believe that is because all the documents were prepared perfectly with Mr. Shea’s guidance. Everything was as Immigration Canada required. I highly recommend Mr. Shea as one of the best and most knowledgeable Canadian immigration consultants.

Suada from Albania
Sponsored Spouse

Well worth the representation fee

We contacted Jeremiah Shea to get advice on immigration for our family under Canada’s Express Entry process. Jeremiah assessed our chances and offered his counsel with timelines that proved to be amazingly accurate, resulting in our application being approved in less than four (4) months.

Mr. Shea’s web-based consultation services worked seamlessly for us. His responses to our queries were timely and succinct. The priceless support and encouragement we received during the Express Entry application process was way beyond our expectation and well worth the representation fee. His attention to details is second to none, as is his patience, and genuine interest in the success of his client’s application.

We are truly grateful to Jeremiah for his consultancy services.

Kojo & Hilda from Ghana
Express Entry family Applicants

Would highly recommend Mr. Shea’s services

Thank you so much for guiding us through my Permanent Residence process, which came through in what I consider record time. It has been a pleasure working with you. You were always so patient with our questions and provided prompt and thorough answers for us at all times. The information and guidance was both timely and accurate. We would highly recommend Mr. Shea’s services

Colyn from the Bahamas
Sponsored Spouse

Excellent customer service

Jeremiah delivers excellent customer service, replies promptly, and has a deep inside knowledge of Canadian Visa office processes.  My wife had previously been refused a Visa, and Jeremiah helped to prepare a carefully considered case for Visa approval.

Mr. Shea has a wealth of experience managing Visa offices, which enables him to see things from a Visa Officer’s perspective.  He understands the audience and presents at the right level of detail, predicting and explicitly addressing potential concerns.  We worked remotely together on my wife’s Visa application, meeting early in the morning and late at night due to the 12 hour time difference.  The case was urgent and Jeremiah fast tracked it, working late into the night to hit the deadline.  The Visa was approved thanks to Jeremiah, great job!

Will from the U.K.
Spouse applied to visit Canada from Hong Kong

Would totally recommend him!

Jeremiah was very helpful and professional as he assisted me with my Express Entry process. His communication was always timely, and he replied quickly to any questions my spouse and I had. We appreciated his individual, professional approach, and would totally recommend him!

Valeriia from the Ukraine
Express Entry Applicant

His expertise in Canadian immigration is unparalled

Eight months after I signed a Retainer Agreement with Jeremiah Shea, I learned that my application for permanent residency was approved, just 4 months after submission of the application.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jeremiah and his work during these months:

  • He is the only consultant that I came across who does not require upfront payment in full for his services; in fact, he breaks his fees down into 3 stages: Express Entry Process Guidance, Express Entry Online Profile Submission, and Express Entry Application for Permanent Residence in Canada.
  • He is a trustworthy person with high professional integrity. He does not provide false hopes or guarantees, and is transparent and honest. I got full value for my payment and Jeremiah provided every service diligently and with full commitment as stated in the agreement.
  • He is as reliable as it gets and I never felt at any point in this journey that I had to deal with any issue related to this process on my own.
  • I’d be hard-pressed to find someone more meticulous, detailed, and caring during the entire process, which entailed filling out enormous amounts of information. His expertise in Canadian immigration is unparalleled.

I’ll highly recommend using Jeremiah Shea’s expertise without any hesitation or reservations.

Joe Mohan from Abu Dhabi
Federal Skilled Worker Applicant

I really appreciate all the hard work

It was exactly a year ago that I met Mr Shea.  My college had just finished and I was looking for options to apply for permanent residency in Canada. I wanted guidance from someone who had insight knowledge and knew how Immigration Canada worked. Mr.Shea, with his vast experience working with Immigration Canada, was the obvious choice.

Mr. Shea helped me with every aspect of my application. He patiently answered even my smallest doubts and calmed me down when I became impatient. And finally last week I got my passport stamped by Immigration Canada and am now a permanent resident of Canada.

I really appreciate all the hard work and patience you have put in for me, Mr. Shea. Thank you!

AAV from India
Federal Skilled Worker Applicant

The best decision I ever made

Working with Mr. Shea through the Express Entry process is the best decision I made. Not only is he very knowledgeable and experienced but he is also very thorough and painstaking. Mr. Shea made the process seem simple and straightforward with his step-by-step, methodical approach. He is also very dedicated, making you feel like you are the only client he has, as he goes above and beyond when working with you.

Thank you Mr. Shea for all your efforts in seeing my Express Entry application approved in record time!

Althea, from Jamaica
Successful Express Entry Applicant

Excellent advice

My Express Entry process has been a crazy ride. I graduated from a 3 year study program in Canada and my post-graduate work permit was issued in 2012. I applied for Express Entry myself in January 2015. It was rejected. I re-applied and was rejected again. My work permit was winding down and I didn’t know what to do. I remembered Jeremiah speaking at one of the immigration session at my school.

After I entered into a Retainer Agreement with Mr. Shea he provided excellent advice about enrolling back into school while he worked on my Express Entry process. He also recommended I re-write the English language exam. I did, and in February this year I received an Invitation to Apply!

Today I received my passport from Immigration Canada with a letter confirming my permanent resident visa and now I am thrilled. I am going to the border after work today to become landed.

Jerry, I want to say a big thank you. Today is a very big and happy day for me!

Charles from Canada
Former International Student

Honest and straight-forward

Mr. Jeremiah Shea gave us a “Wow” experience: candid, seamless, transparent, honest and straight-forward; and we got our visitor visas within weeks.

Godfrey Okorie from Nigeria
Visitor Visas for Family

Jeremiah supported us through every step along the way!

I found Mr. Shea through an online search and sought his help to sponsor my American husband to come to Canada. He helped us step-by-step through the process to complete the application as completely and perfectly as possible.  Mr. Shea walked us through all the steps of the application, a rather painstaking process.  He handled all the correspondence and contacted us promptly any time some new information came through.

We are pleased to have heard my husband’s permanent residence status has been granted just six months after we applied!  I feel that is because our application was absolutely complete and that was because Jeremiah supported us through every step along the way!

Susan from Canada
Sponsored her American spouse to come to Canada

Sound advice and very patient

The entire Canadian Express Entry process is a very tedious one. It really requires a high level of patience but the results are very rewarding. My husband and I worked with Jeremiah as our Consultant for the entire process and we are very happy that we made that decision. Jeremiah is very detailed, thorough as well as knowledgeable, and he has been there with us for every step of the process. He provided sound advice and was very patient with me even when I became anxious for additional information or guidance regarding the process. I highly recommend him as an experienced Consultant for Express Entry.

Natalie Bender Holness from Jamaica
Successful Express Entry applicant

Highly dependable, proactive, detailed and patient

Mr. Jeremiah J. Shea has been my immigration representative since 2015 and it has been a very progressive and beneficial relationship.  Mr Shea is a highly dependable, proactive, detailed and patient Canadian Immigration Consultant. At every point, he always put my best interest as top priority.

Mr. Shea made successful visitor visa applications for my family, study permits for my children and in 2019, our successful Nova Scotia entrepreneurial immigration application.

He worked diligently and professionally to prepare my response to the NS Invitation to Apply, including preparation of the comprehensive Business Plan and guidance on the Net Worth Verification submission and NS application package.

Mr. Shea also assisted with the entire preparation of the Work Permit application for Immigration Canada following my approval by NS Immigration.

Working with Mr. Shea has been the best decision that I have made, and I recommend him to anyone ready to migrate to Canada regardless of the chosen immigration program.

Mukhtari from Nigeria
Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

Very pleased with the service

One outstanding feature of Shea Canadian Immigration Consultancy is attention to detail and constant follow up. Mr. Shea guided us through the process every step of the way and now we have been granted permanent residence status in Canada. I am very pleased with the service and with his openness and honesty throughout the process. The thing that stood out the most was that he saw us through the entire process even after our Retainer Agreement expired. This speaks to good customer service and care about the ultimate outcome that we received.

Sherica and Barrington from Jamaica
Successful Express Entry Applicants

From day one…I knew I had the right consultant!

My family used a consultant for visa purpose in the past, but Jeremiah Shea is totally different. To start, he helps you understand what you are getting into before you even sign a contract with him. I applied for visitor visas (to Canada) for my family (myself, wife and child). From day one (after the Skype conversation), I knew I had the right consultant!

Jeremiah tells you how it is, and he is VERY detailed. If you are a lazy person you might get a little frustrated with his requests and follow up! He ensures you get everything needed for your success.

What I appreciate most is that Mr. Shea makes the process very easy once you have provided all the required documents. In our case, after providing everything requested, the ONLY other work for my spouse and me was to go for our Biometrics. And a few weeks thereafter, our visa applications were approved!

Ayodele Suberu from Nigeria
Visitor Visa Applicants